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man studying in law school

For those who are entertaining the idea of Law School, here is an informative piece written by Rick Zimmer himself.

“Is law school hard? I cannot tell you how many times I have received this question. I have come to the conclusion that law school has become a synonym for “hard” in the eyes of most people. I would be more than happy to provide some of my personal thoughts and feelings in regards to this question. Again, these are my personal feelings, they are not facts.

For whatever reason, law school, like most professional schools, is given this stigma of being a difficult obstacle. It is put in a light that makes it seem like only the worthy are capable of excelling there. And to be honest, it can feel like that while you are there – if you let it.

The truth of the matter is – it is just school. Allow me to repeat myself, “IT IS JUST SCHOOL.” If you end up attending law school, I want you to write that everywhere you can. Law school is a lot of work, because there is a lot of material that you have to learn. You have a lot of legal jargon, and cases, and memos, and appellate briefs, and a whole bunch of other stuff that you have to learn, that you have probably never heard of prior to law school. That doesn’t make it hard. It just means that you have to get focused and learn what you need to learn.

I think people also think that law school is hard because the stakes are higher. It’s expensive, there is a 1L curve (This means that some students get kicked out after their 1L year if they fall below a certain grade point average. I am not sure if this applies to all law schools. It applied to mine.), everyone is intelligent, bla, bla, bla. While all of that is true, if you just do what you came there to do, you will be fine. The issue come about when you let everyone get in your head. I was doing great in law school when I first started. However, I let a lot of students get into my head, and I ended up doing horrible, and I had to annihilate my finals and comps (which I did, because I stopped listening to all of the craziness).

Do not get me wrong, law school is not something that you can afford to blow off. You need to put your all into it. The little things that didn’t matter in undergrad, matter in law school. But like I stated, it just comes down to you doing what you have to do. Law school is like a job. Your paycheck is your degree (which will lead to bigger paychecks). Stop making it more than what it is. It is school. It is school that involves a lot of studying. So go to school, and study – it’s that simple. If you have questions, talk to your professors! Seriously. Do not sit there in the dark. Talk to your professors, get a tutor, get a study partner, get a study group that you can trust, do whatever works for you – it’s that simple.

So, is law school hard? Only if you allow it to be. ”

Rick Zimmer not only completed law school, he went on to start his own firm and become an incredibly successful attorney in the greater Charlotte, NC area. He is living proof that you too can grind through school and achieve the success you have always desired. Although Rick is a very busy man these days, he still takes time to read and respond to aspiring lawyer’s inquiries. If you are looking for a potential internship or just some information about law school, contact us for a little guidance.